Basic Beginners

Learn how to use the mouse and keyboard (you don’t need to know how to type) and how to understand what’s on the screen.

Beginners Refresh

For those who know a little bit and want to build up their confidence.

Windows 10

If you knew how to operate your old computer this will bring you back up to speed with Microsoft’s new system.

Internet for Beginners

Email, Google, online shopping, You Tube, Wi-Fi and more. You can use one of our desktop computers, or bring your own laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

Internet Proficiency

This course refreshes topics covered in the beginners course, to get you more comfortable in using the internet as part of your daily life.

Photo Organisation

How to transfer your photographs between camera, phone and computer. How to organise your photos so you can find them again.

Stay Safe Online

Become more security aware so you can protect yourself from fraudsters and hackers.

iPad and iPhone

How to use the Apple tablet and smartphone. They are easy once somebody takes the time to explain.


This just means tablets and smartphones made by manufacturers other than Apple.


If you come to an enrolment session you can speak to the tutors and administrators to get advice on which course will be best for you.

Our next enrolment session is on Thursday 5 December, at 1pm in St Columb's church. If you can't come to the enrolment session you can call Warren on 0417 221 603 or 9807 6574.

Term dates

Term 4 runs from Monday 14 October to Friday 13 December.